Some selected projects I've contributed to.

VozzySpring 2020 — present

Vozzy is a new approach to Internet conversation which combines voice with movement. My intern-mates and I built the MVP during a COVID-19 hackathon in March, to address social isolation and create a genuine space for shops, community spaces, and restaurants to engage with customers. Since then, I've improved the product's stability, built an API, and added new features for its upcoming general release.

Fake News Study Fall 2018

This National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) research study, co-authored by researchers at MIT and Occidental College, analyzed the role of social network algorithms and advertising in the proliferation of fake news. As a research assistant, I developed a Python application to efficiently extract and parse fact-checking and misinformation data. science Read abstract

Robot Car Spring 2017

As part of a college independent study, I fabricated a small semi-autonomous robot car using an Arduino and some sensors, and built an online API which converted map directions into motor directives. My approach was to appropriately distribute processing power between the macro-navigational (cloud) and micro-navigational (device) tasks of autonomy.code View code

Thicket 2016 — 2017

Thicket was a "digital brain" for collaboration and knowledge discovery, specifically targeted at high schools and universities. Features included multi-channel chat, (nifty) email integration, and user presence. I primarily contributed to the web app (LAMP stack), Electron desktop app, and Ionic/Angular JS mobile apps. Over 1,000 people signed up for the beta version of Thicket.
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